Fact Sheet

Human Viruses - Virus Testing

Interest Group

ATMP manufacturer, pharmaceutical industry, media manufacturer, Research and Development.


Direct testing service for HAV, HBV, HCV, HIV-1, HIV-2 or PB19 providing fast and reliable results via qPCR.

Recommended Sample Material

Cell cultures, cryo-stocks, sera, antibody formulations, autologous material and many more.


Qualitative Real-Time PCR.

Applied PCR System


Applied Extraction

QiaAMP DSP Virus Spin Kit (Qiagen AG), QiaAMP DSP Virus Kit (Qiagen AG) and ExtractNow DNA/RNA Kit (Minerva Biolabs GmbH).

Process Control

Extraction and Amplification.

Sample Volume / PCR

5 µl.

Average Turnaround Time

48 to 72 hours after sample receipt, express testing scheme* possible.

Sensitivity of Method

Based on sample matrix.

Regulatory Compliance

Please note that the sensitivity of the assay regarding your matrix may need to be validated. A quick estimate of the sensitivity is possible on the basis of defined values via spike-in of intact virus material. Spike-in estimation is a worst case estimation and true sensitivity might be better for your matrix. Please contact us for further information.

Sample Requirements

Minimum: at least 1.5 ml for single virus testing.
Minimum: at least 2.0 ml for full virus panel.
Optimum: 2 units of 1.5 or 2.0 ml each, label as sample A and sample B (backup, please mark in accession form).

Order No.

Virus Testing ‘Hepatitis A’                46-1001
Virus Testing ‘Hepatitis B’                46-1005
Virus Testing ‘Hepatitis C’                46-1002
Virus Testing ‘HIV-1’                          46-1003
Virus Testing ‘HIV-2’                          46-1004
Virus Testing ‘Parvovirus PB19’       46-1006

Volume Discount Available

Yes, on request.

Additional Information

Please note: repetitions which are not caused by our laboratory and *express testing schemes are subject to additonal charges. Please contact us for further information.