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Our goal is to offer you the best possible service for your biosafety testing.

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To provide maximum biosafety through constant innovation.

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  • Rapid Testing

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Our service


Mycoplasmas often proliferate unnoticed in cell cultures. Sources of contamination here are humans themselves or the raw materials used. We perform your mycoplasma testing under GMP or R&D conditions.


The use of human or animal primary materials carries the risk of virus contamination. We offer you the possibility to test your samples for different viruses.


Endotoxins are high-molecular complexes that cause a massive pyrogenic reaction when in contact with the immune system. The release test for endotoxins is prescribed by pharmacopoeia, we are happy to assist you.


Nucleic Acid Based Sterility Testing (NAT-testing) is a cutting edge technnology for time, sensitivity and volume critical applications that cannot wait for culture based sterility.  In less then 24 hours in cell cultures, cell culture derived biologicals and cell culture media.

Gene Copy Number

Genetic modification of host cell lines by means of lentiviral transduction in biopharmaceutical applications is part of your pipeline? Contact us when it comes to the relationship of host genomes to transgene integration.


Residual DNA

Biologics should have little or better no host DNA. We offer you a quantitative nucleic acid-based assay to check your DNA depletion.

Our Expertise

Quality Assurance

Our quality system has been revised in accordance with the EU GMP and cGMP guidelines for GMP based quality management systems. Our laboratory works according to GMP and this was confirmed by the State Office for Health and Social Affairs Berlin in autumn 2017. We continue to meet many of the requirements of DIN EN ISO / IEC:17025 and DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Rapid Testing

Our service is based on nucleic acid amplification using real-time PCR (qPCR). The advantage of this technique is the ability to study time-, sensitivity-, and quantity - critical applications or if your product is incompatible with traditional culture - based methods.


We have made it our mission to be your competent partner for the detection of microorganisms as contaminants in cell cultures, biologicals and pharmaceutical products. We carry out this task using the latest and most innovative methods and continuously balance authority and customer requirements as part of our implementation projects.

Our Experts

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Quality Assurance

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