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GMP Certified

Minerva Analytix develops, validates and performs detection of microbial contamination in routine or on customized basis in a GMP-certified laboratory.

Key Business Initiatives

Rapid Testing

Utilize our microbiological rapid testing to alleviate and accelerate your workflows. We offer different speeds - Intraday, Next Day, and Regular - to meet your requirements and provide flexible solutions. Trust in our efficiency and precision..


As part of our "MicroSafe" Program, we can support you with combination packages that include multiple assays in one shipment. Our experts are ready to assist you in finding the optimal combination for your needs and providing you with the best possible support.


Focus on your core business while we support you with our quality assurance system according to EU-GMP. We keep important regulations such as the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) in mind to ensure optimal compliance and the highest quality standards in analysis methods and production processes.


Through our direct collaboration with manufacturers of analytical kit systems, we can constantly offer you innovative methods and stay technologically "state-of-the-art". Furthermore, we ensure continuous development of our offerings to meet the rising demands.

Results You will Love

Hands-on Time
95 %

reduce your hands-on time

100 %

fully focussed on microbial testing

5 x

flexible resources – adapt by need

“Through our strategic, technical, and customer-oriented approach, we find effective solutions for your specific needs. As Minerva Analytix GmbH, a GMP-certified laboratory specializing in microbiological rapid testing, we develop, validate, and conduct microbial contamination assays. With our focus on quality assurance and tailored solutions, we offer you customized services within a certified environment.”