Request Service

  1. Fill Accession Form for the respective service
  2. Pack samples in transport safe containers and label clearly
  3. Enter sample name on the Accession Form
  4. Select service on Accession Form
  5. Sign Accession Form
  6. Initiate sample shipment: enclose the Accession Form and samples in the shipping package and hand them over to your courier of choice
  1. Upon sample receival: creation of a service file
  2. We document arrival time and compliance with the transport conditions (breakage, leakage, temperature if defined e.g. during a validation)
  3. Compare sample name, vessel label and number
  4. Feedback to you in case of deviation
  5. Processing of the samples
  6. Creation of a result report
  7. The report will be sent to you in advance by e-mail, the original will be sent by post together with the invoice (in the case of new customers: our accounting team automatically creates an account based on the billing information on the Accession Form).

You can find all Accession Forms here.

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