Eastern 2020

Eastern at Minerva Analytix

Dear Stakeholders,

we hope you had a relaxing and corona-free Eastern and been able to enjoy it according to the circumstances. We will continue to operate for you from April 14, 2020 as usual, maintaining all possible safety and precautionary measures.

Please note: we have set up a Corona SARS-CoV-2 service for your corporate corona screening. You can find more information on this in our News Blog on Corona Virus Testing or in the Virus Analysis section.

Of course, not only will we be concerned with the new type of corona virus, a lot has also happened in our NAT based sterility testing program in the last few months. Both NAT analysis systems bacteria and fungi are now available and we are working intensively with our cooperation partners on the first matrix validations. If you are also interested in this topic and would like to benefit from our introductory offers, you can find more information in our Rapid Sterility Testing section.

As always, we are happy to assist you personally and look forward to working with you.

Your Minerva Analytix team